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Balance your Mind, Body & Spirit with Massage with Gina Stropko, LMT
Welcome to the website of Gina Stropko, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Reflexologist, Certified Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner, Tai Chi Instructor and Certified Canine & Equine Massage Practitioner.

Gina has been in practice as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Reflexologist since 1997 and continues her studies in Natural Healing and the Healing Arts. She has been trained in Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage and can incorporate these with other therapies.

Take time to connect to your Health and Balance ~ Experience the deep Relaxation during a session with Gina.

Chair Massage is available upon request for small parties and special events such as Health and Wellness Days. Relax with your family, friends or coworkers ~
Have a Massage Party!

~~~Gift Certificates are available~~~.

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To schedule an appointment for a session with Gina or for more information, please call (440) 918-8206.

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Tai Chi ~ Meditation in Motion
TAI CHI for Everyone with Gina Stropko
2018 Ongoing Class Schedule
Drop-ins welcome ~ $10 per class
Or register at willoughbyohio.com (go to Parks & Recreation, then click on register for programs online)
Tuesday mornings at 10am at Willoughby Senior Center (WSC) Room 13, and resuming class at Daniels Park in Spring, weather permitting.
Tuesday evenings at 7pm beginning March 6th- May 22nd at WSC Room 13
FREE TAI CHI Class for Earth Day on Saturday April 21st at 1030am at The Hildegarden, 630 Plum St. in Fairport Harbor
Schedule TAI CHI classes in the peaceful and beautiful space at The Hildegarden in Fairport Harbor. For more info go to thehildegarden.org

Tai Chi is one of the oldest Martial Arts and is a slow moving flowing dance that has many Health benefits, improves Balance and also is self defense. It is meditation in motion and promotes Relaxation as it helps us breathe deeper and easier. It is beneficial for any age and can be modified for people in wheelchairs or seated. The gentle movements are a wonderful addition to those in rehab and therapy. Tai Chi is good for Health and Balance, helps reduce pain and stress, increases Relaxation, helps loosen our joints, improves circulation and flexibilty, promotes Longevity, relieves tension, helps prevent arthritis, deepens the breath and helps quiet the mind.

Gina Stropko began studying Tai Chi Ch'uan with Master Tom Huang of Coventry Rd. in Cleveland Heights in 1995. Gina has continued to practice the Wu style form consisting of 118 flowing movements and Tai Chi warm-ups including the 8 Best Best Movements for Health. Practicing Tai Chi can enhance feeling the energy moving through the body helping to strengthen internal organs, prevent sickness and reduce pain. Gina currently conducts beginner's classes with an emphasis on Health and Balance.

Private classes are available. Gina is also teaches modified TAI CHI classes at nursing homes and other facilities with residents at a group discounted rate.

For more information, please call Gina at (440) 918-8206.